Register for a Security Immersion Workshop

Shifts to the cloud alter security challenges. It is more important than ever to detect and defend with tools designed to support flexible, dynamic cloud environments. Now you can!

Through the Make It Real: Security Immersion Workshop, you will step into the role of a Cyber Defense Analyst and use Microsoft XDR + SIEM security tools to investigate indicators of an advanced threat that is conducting an attack on your network across multiple phases of the kill chain.

Microsoft 365 Defender

In this instructor-led demonstration session, we will show you how to investigate, respond to, and hunt for threats using Azure Defender, and Microsoft 365 Defender. In this course you will learn how to mitigate cyberthreats using these technologies.

Microsoft KQL and Sentinel 

Azure Sentinel is Microsoft's Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool developed to integrate cloud security and artificial intelligence (AI). Azure Sentinel will help customers to identify security issues in their environment, and then use automation to help resolve these issues.