Lightspeed Systems offers online safety solutions and effective distance learning tools

With technology imagined and designed exclusively for K-12, Lightspeed Systems continuously innovates to scale student safety from the classroom to the cloud.

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Lightspeed Systems

Lightspeed Systems Solution Suite

Lightspeed Filter

Protect students from harmful online content

  • Consistent online safety and CIPA compliance
  • Effective learning experiences for all students
  • Teach safely with YouTube
  • Empower parents with student activity insights
Lightspeed Filter
Lightspeed Analytics
Lightspeed Analytics

Complete visibility into student online learning

  • Actionable, real-time insights
  • Customizable data sets
  • Optimize your technology budget
  • Track 新澳门六合彩资料 resource compliance
Lightspeed Alert

Prevent suicides, cyberbullying and school violence

  • Monitor warning signs in real time
  • Visibility for today鈥檚 learning environments
  • Understand the risks
  • Build a safer community
Lightspeed Alert
Lightspeed Mobile Device Management
Lightspeed Mobile Device Management

Essential MDM for hybrid learning environments

  • Enterprise-level built for K-12
  • Optimize technology resources
  • High-level visibility and policy controls
  • Protect your technology investment
Lightspeed Classroom Management

Create engaging learning environments anywhere

  • Encourage connected classrooms
  • Keep students focused
  • Effective, equitable learning
Lightspeed Classroom Management

Webinar: Making data-driven remote learning decisions with Lightspeed Systems

Topics covered:

  • Leveraging the Lightspeed Systems Solution Suite for remote learning safety and effectiveness
  • Using the robust reporting of Lightspeed Filter for online learning visibility
  • Implementing Lightspeed solutions and best practices in a remote learning setting
  • Deploying solutions for complete mobile device coverage on and off-campus with Lightspeed Systems solutions

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