"They play a great live show with so much excitement and passion."


- Full Access Magazine -

Who is JackMantra? 

Is it a passion for the art or a drive towards a common goal? Is it a moment that you don't have to capture in a photograph because your mind would never dare to forget? Is it a memory of euphoria that you kept to yourself like a dark secret that you wouldn't even tell your closest friend? One thing is for sure, before November 2012 that's all it could have been. It wasn't a band, not yet. In a practice studio in Tampa FL, four musicians brought original material and styles together to form JackMantra. As a young band with veteran musicians, Jack was able to share the stage immediately with great local and national acts. Stage, it is where Jack wants to be. It's home.


Their name JackMantra defines them. Robert the bassist goes by Larry not Bob. Bob is the lead singer but his name is Darrell. Figuring out their line-up is like reading an Abbott and Costello joke over and over. Who's on guitar? That's Goon. His sound drives the band. From the first strum of a guitar chord, you know this is a rock show and JackMantra does not let you down. Mike rounds out the lineup on the skins. He started the band years ago and kept the dream alive but it will take all 4 to complete Jack's journey. 

4 guys have just turned your secret into a reality by bringing that euphoric and somewhat nostalgic memory to life. They tackle important issues with songs like "Why I am", "Poison" and "War" and show a passion for music that is undeniable. 

Who is JackMantra? It's an experience, it's an idea, it's a band.