Microsoft 365 Education Suites on the OETC Contract

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Microsoft 365 Education Suites

What is EQU?

Formerly known as Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)

Add security to Microsoft 365 A3

Special Use Rights

Student Use Benefits

Why buy through OETC?

Microsoft licensing through OETC offers members significant savings and several unique incentives:

One of the lowest EQU minimums in the country

When you purchase through the OETC contract, you are not obligated to get Microsoft’s minimum of 1,000 EQU; you can license as few as 20 EQU.

Leverage consortium pricing

OETC members automatically start at Level B pricing, normally reserved for institutions between 3,000 and 10,000 EQU.

Multi-State RFP-Backed Contract

OETC contracts are backed by a cooperative RFP, advertised in all member states and conforming to state and local law. Skip the difficulty and expense of putting your Microsoft licensing out to bid.

Licensing support and simple renewals

OETC is your partner in Microsoft licensing. We’re here to provide support, advocate on your behalf and make renewals simple, straightforward and fast.

Watch the OETC Microsoft EES Licensing Webinar

Watch our webinar to learn more about the Microsoft 365 licensing changes.

The webinar consisted of a 15 minute presentation by Executive Director Thomas Richards

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